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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it." WARREN BUFFET
Custom media skills training, coaching and consulting
Who needs media training? Everybody who has something to lose - or gain - through media attention. Politicians, athletes, CEO’s, authors, lawyers, principals, coaches and consultants need to understand the news media and how to use it to their advantage. But so do law enforcement officers, first responders, hospital administrators, manufacturers and managers, including non-profit operators and owners of small businesses.
“Don’t fear the unknown world of mass media. Learn how it works use it to your advantage.”
Take control of risk
Every mass media exposure poses a risk. But you can intelligently manage that risk and turn it into your gain. It’s a simple matter of understanding the processes behind the news and learning how to apply communications principles to your business. We offer the consultation, training and coaching to show you how.
Don’t wait for a crisis
Crisis communication is critical, but proper preparation minimizes damage before the crisis. We can help you take a critical look at your organization and its vulnerabilities and plan a course of action you can use when you find yourself in the glare of the media spotlight. We can also help you build a positive public image and initiate proactive communication that may help avoid the crisis in the first place.
Seize media opportunities
Wouldn’t you like people to know about something you’re doing well? Learning what makes a good story puts you in a position to actually offer something the news media wants. Our consulting can make the difference between worrying about reporters showing up and welcoming them to tell your story. If you’re not comfortable on camera, our practice sessions can lead you to confidence.